Goo Guide & F.A.Q. 

Here are a few quick tips for your goo:

Too Sticky: Add some activator. Just mix 1 tsp. of borax with 1 cup of warm water until the borax dissolves. Then add your activator slowly to your goo until it becomes the desired texture. 

Fluffy goo not fluffy enough: Add some shaving cream, foaming handwash or foaming facial cleanser.

Too Hard: Add some of your favorite lotion to your goo. Another trick is to let your goo sit in warm water, if it is over-activated. 

FYI: Goo will shrink and dry out as you play with it, and it won't last forever. Make sure you always store it in an air-tight container and play with it on clean surfaces for maximum use. 



Do you take returns? No, we do not accept returns. However if something is way wrong with a slime you received, let us know and we'll either try help you fix it or replace your order.

Where do you ship? Currently we only ship to those of you in the United States. 

How soon will my order ship? We typically ship out orders twice a week on Saturday and Wednesday.